A Heart Check Before Youth Group


April 24, 2018

“As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.”-Psalm 42:1

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”-Psalm 122:1

One of our middle school students came up to me last week before youth group and asked to meet in my office. He said he needed help writing a devotional for he and a few of his friends because they weren’t going to be able to be at church that upcoming Sunday due to a school competition. He wanted to make sure that he and his classmates spent time with Jesus even though they weren’t going to be together at church. How cool is that?

 This encounter greatly encouraged me because it reminded me of two important things: the immense importance of daily, consistent time with Jesus and the incredible value of joining with other brothers and sisters in the study of God’s Word and participating in worship in the local church. I’d love to challenge you with some of the same questions that I’ve been wrestling with after my chat with this young man:

 1. Am I making consistent, daily time with Jesus a priority in my life? Do I long for it like Psalm 42:1 talks about? If not, what do I need to re-arrange in order to make that time a priority?

2. Do I long to spend time with other believers in Bible study and worship each Sunday? Do I see church as just another thing to “attend” or am I excited and glad (Psalm 122:1) about growing my relationship with Jesus and engaging with others? Is there anything in my life that I might need to press pause on or remove from my life so that I can give Sunday mornings the priority they deserve?

If you’re like me, sometimes God knows that you need a “heart check before youth group”. May we be followers of Jesus who engage with Him daily, spend time in Christian community with our brothers and sisters at First Denton, and who are committed to the furthering of God’s Kingdom and His Church!