God Still Saves at 2:01 am


March 21, 2018

“Beach Reach changed my life” - every student who’s been to Beach Reach in the history of the planet, probably.

This past week for Spring Break, our church sent 165 students and drivers to Panama City Beach, FL for Beach Reach. Basically, we give free van rides until 2 am to inebriated college students and tell them that Jesus Christ offers a more fulfilling and joyful life than all this fleeting stuff (John 10:10). They told me I had to keep this blog short, so I’ll only be able to tell you one of the incredible things God did on the trip, but in my 4 years of going on this trip, it’ll be the one I remember the most.

Let me try to break it down for you. Each night we go out from 9 pm to 2 am. We’re giving free van rides and walking the streets telling people the gospel. While this is happening, there is a group back at base in a prayer room praying over prayer requests that are texted in. I love this because apart from the Holy Spirit opening the eyes of the blind, no one’s getting saved.

It’s the last night, last shift, and our group is in the prayer room. We’re praying for 2 hours straight for God to do something big. Bam. 2 salvations back to back. We’re going crazy. Heaven’s going crazy. A little later, the night is coming to a close (it’s about 1:40 am) and our group was getting a little rambunctious and restless. We were encouraged to “stay focused for 20 minutes and pray that God would save one more.” So we did. We prayed.

2 am hit and that was it. Our Beach Reach ministry was over. The prayer room lady led us in prayer, thanking God for the two salvations and all that He did this week. But then, right when she said “Amen” to finish our week, God showed us He was not finished. At 2:01am, there was another salvation.

 All that to say - sharing the gospel does not end at 2am on Friday morning. The work is not done. Christ is still calling his sheep home. Beach Reach may be over, but God still saves at 2:01am.