When the Future Seems Less Certain

Dr. John Beck


April 10, 2018

Once again I found Dr. Jeff’s Sunday message to be inspirational and challenging. "The Revelation of Jesus Christ” is a book that I have always found to be a little intimidating, and I am looking forward to hearing Dr. Jeff explain and interpret this most amazing tome. Of course, one of the many purposes of the Revelation is to present the things that will happen. As we consider our futures, sometimes the unknown can be somewhat frightening. Other times we can get downright anxious because of the uncertainties associated with what lies ahead of us. This is especially true when our current circumstances suggest potential problems. Maybe a pink-slip has come your way. Perhaps a diagnosis from the doctor suddenly has made your future worrisome. Or maybe your apprehensions actually revolve around the uncertainties in the future of someone you love.

How do we proceed during those times?

I remember a time when I was driving my dad to the airport in Birmingham. Since we lived on the side of town opposite the airport we had to travel through a rather goofy freeway intersection that the local residents lovingly called “Malfunction Junction.” I was only 16 at the time (the ink was still wet on my new driver’s license) and I was distressed about making the drive, and especially as we approached the infamous junction. My father instructed me to move into the far left lane, and I obeyed. But then I noticed a sign with an arrow pointing down at the very lane in which I was driving that simply said, “Nashville.”

I pointed out the sign to my father. He was uninterested in the sign and simply told me to stay where I was. Another mile or so down the road was another sign which said the same thing: This lane is heading to Nashville! Again I protested to my father who, again, and a little more forcibly this time, said, “You keep this car right here in this lane”

“Yes, sir!” I said (of course I was thinking, “Okay, but when we get to Nashville, I’m gonna laugh and laugh at you!”)

Oddly enough - when we approached the junction, and as we crested a small rise, suddenly another lane appeared that could not be seen until you were right on top of it! If you truly wanted to go to Nashville, you had to merge one lane to the left. How about that! My father was right! The lane I was in didn’t go to Nashville after all - no, it went to the airport.

Sometimes life is like that. Circumstances suggest things that may not be true. An uncertain future may not be anything at all to fear. Maybe we just need to know the One who knows exactly where we’re heading, and can wisely instruct us regarding which lane to travel in. That wise person, of course, is our Lord Jesus.

To answer the question from above - listen for a word from the One who not only knows the future but holds it. Then, act accordingly.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11