Who We Are

Every month we will have a local mission emphasis we are calling First Focus.

Get Involved

Everyone can participate in the three engagement levels:

  • Level 1 – How you can pray for our current month's focus
  • Level 2 – What you can bring to church to support local focus
  • Level 3 – Where you can GO to support local focus

This Month's Focus

This Month's Focus:

First Responders
Level 1 – How you can pray for our focus:
  1. Safety for those who serve our community.
  2. Peace for the families of first responders.
  3. Community support for first responders.
  4. Unity within each unit and within the entire first responders’ community.
  5. Prayer for families that have lost a loved one in the line of duty.

Level 2 – What you can bring to church to support our focus:

Individually wrapped energy bars, protein bars, peanuts, trail mix, crackers, etc.

Level 3 – Where/How you can GO to support our focus:
  1. Take a basket of fresh fruit to a police station or fire station with a note from First Denton thanking them for serving our community.
  2. If you see a First Responder out in public let them know First Denton thanks them for serving our community.
  3. If you are at a restaurant offer to pay for their meal.

Local Partnerships

  • First Refuge
  • Salvation Army
  • CASA
  • Grace Like Rain
  • Zoie’s Place
  • Woman to Woman
  • Denton Freedom House
  • Mission Denton
  • Refuge for Women
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Alexander Elementary
  • Newton Rayzor Elementary
  • Hoops for Hope
  • Gideons – Denton Camp

Global Partnerships

  • Capstone Church (Helena, MT.)
  • Commons Church (East Lasnsing, MI.)
  • Hope City Church (Austin, TX)
  • Pillar DC Church (Washington D.C.)
  • Real 4 Christ (Monbasa, Kenya)
  • Sheldon Haack (South Asia)
  • Madison Duer (East Asia)
  • Passion for Souls (Port-Au-Prince, Haiti)
  • Fahrenheit Mentoring (Coimbra, Portugal)
  • GraceWorks (Anchorage, AK.)
  • Hospitality House (Huntsville, TX)