Our Mission at FirstDenton is to be

Changed People
Changing Lives
Through Jesus Christ.


Our Vision at FirstDenton is to be a

Vibrant and Healthy Church by Reaching a New Generation and Sharing the Transforming Power of the Gospel with All People.

Core Values

Life-Giving Truth

We believe the Bible is the source of life-giving truth.

We teach and live on its foundation and under its authority. We commit to put the truth and teaching of God’s Word into practice. 

Relentless Love

We demonstrate relentless love to all people.

God pursues us with a relentless love. Relentless and sacrificial love is Jesus’ conduit for the gospel, so we love people like He does. We demonstrate relentless love by our efforts to love those in our circles of influence, no matter what.

Life Transformation

We live as changed people, sharing the gospel and leading people to life transformation through Jesus Christ.

Life transformation begins when we invite Jesus to be Lord of our lives and continues as we grow in our faith. We are called to be authentic followers of Jesus and to lead others to do the same. We embrace Jesus’ mission to ‘go and make disciples’ as our mandate.

Meaningful Community

We pursue unity through intentional relationships.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with God, the family of believers and our neighbors. We believe in the importance of unity and community in the church. We are committed to right relationships with one another.

Authentic Worship

We express our love for God through a lifestyle of authentic worship.

We gather together to respond to God by giving glory and praise to Him because He is worthy. We believe that worship is vital in the life of the believer, both corporate and personal worship. The greatest act of worship is in loving Jesus Christ with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength and to walk in obedience to His Word.