Session 4

You Are Known

It was a divine weekend. He made all the plans, arranged every stop, even the time of day for the travel was perfect. The landscape of slow rolling prairie peppered with clusters of trees. The patchwork fields striped and blocked with green and yellow hues. A horizon that rolled on an on. My soul took a breathe. These are my favorite places. Where you can see the last ribbon of sunset split the dark of the land and night sky. Where only twinkles in the dark tell you which way is up. This was home, my favorite place, but the memories had faded and I had forgotten until He took me there. He knew. He knew this was my favorite place, He knew this would unlock the memories where joy, and laughter echoed. He just knew. I didn’t ask for this trip, I didn’t even know I wanted it or missed this place. But He did, He knew. It was a trip to Denver to meet new people and learn about new opportunities. But to get there I had to travel back to all the places that warmed my heart. It was a trip set up by God. This weekend left me on a high that lasted for months.  

A few seasons later I found myself in an unexpected new role, doubt began to plague every decision and thought. I couldn’t find a rhythm, every action felt clumsy, and I hated it. A series of difficult life circumstances and the awkwardness in the new clumsy place left me weary. I just wanted out, wanted to quit. I was beginning to plan the quit, picturing each step in my head with justification. My phone rang, “whatcha doing this weekend?, said my friend. “I’m not sure yet, why? I asked. I have this extra ticket to a girls weekend getaway. A fast-paced series of situations being worked out and I was on my way to this girls weekend. There I heard from several girls who had walked where I was and could see the other side. Then, He spoke through one girl's message in particular. He encouraged me with His word and her experience, smoothing all my angst with the clumsy hard places, and making it clear to not quit, though I desperately wanted to. 

He knew just what I needed in both seasons. Have you been in either of these situations?  Have you received what you needed without even knowing or asking? 

If any of this resonates with you, there is someone who knows what it is to be given what she needed without asking, perhaps not even knowing. Her situation is hard. She slept with another woman’s husband and was carrying that man’s child. She was intentionally placed in this position by the man’s wife. Shortly after she became pregnant she made a wrong choice and began despising the woman who put her in this place. Then the woman rejected her and began mistreating her. In her lowest moment, she ran as far away as she could. She ran away to the desert. Her name is Hagar, and her story is told in Genesis 16.

It says The Lord found her, meaning He knew she left, He knew she ran, He knew she made a bad choice, He knew it ALL, and yet He went to her. Comforted her, and encouraged her, and told her to go back and finish the course of what had been started. He knew and He still loved, cared for and was faithful to fulfill His promises to her. He knew what she needed whether or not she knew herself or even asked for it. He knew.

What resonated with you from the story above?

What does it mean for you to be known?

What are your thoughts or feelings about being known to those depths by God?

Can you recall a time when God knew and provided?

What do you notice about God in this story? 

What is God revealing to you about Himself in Genesis 16?

Truth Take away

You are known, and your needs will be met.