Session 6

Wait for it...Wait for it...

Read  James 1:2-4, Romans 5: 3-5 


In college, My husband and I worked full-time jobs. Mine paid for tuition, his paid the living expenses. We took classes as they could fit around our schedules and budget. My senior year was here, and I had 4 classes left to graduate. There was something elusive about senior classes then.... they were offered at inconvenient times and only 1x in a 12 month calendar year.  They usually had a pre-requisite class and even then, you still needed special permission and codes to enroll. The special permissions and codes could only come from the teaching professor.  It seemed the closer to graduation you got the more elusive the classes. I had to get strategic to finish this race.  

Pre-requisite class completed....check. Schedule rearranged with my boss.....check. Contact made with said professor for enrollment code.....check. Now to wait for the magic enrollment period, and the code from the professor. The enrollment period came, but not code. That’s ok, we still have time to get the code. More time passed, no problem, there is still time. Then Wednesday before class came. Still no word from the professor, uhm...class is next week, Lord, what do I do? I talked to my boss, she happened to know the professor, she reached out. Thursday came..... still nothing...Friday came with nothing.  Why did God let me get this far to derail me now? Why was He letting this professor control my future? Where was He? The semester starts in 4 days, I have a work schedule that needs adjusted if the classes change, graduation application is riding on this class.  It’s not like my whole life at this moment hung on this professor’s permission to register! Enrollment was closing soon.  The selective and difficult reputation of the professor echoed in my head. And my window of opportunity was shrinking rapidly with no hope, so it seemed. The tantrum of all tantrums was building and so was the realization that my graduation would not be when I hoped.  I had to trust Him, that is all I had at this moment.  but, amid the turmoil there was whisper that said, “trust me”. Saturday came, nothing, Sunday morning came, nothing. Heartbroken and confused I prepared to move into what was happening on Monday when the semester began, a complete upheaval of my plans. As I prepared for the chaotic disappointment of the next day, I opened my email to find something I didn’t expect. A message from the professor welcoming me to the class with the code for enrollment. I had spiraled to a place of defeat and disappointment, but God! 

Have you found yourself in a desperate place? You and I are not alone in our moments of hard places and trials. The Israelites in Egypt have some experience with following God’s directions to find themselves in a desperate situation. The Red Sea… many of us know that story. The Lord says a few things that are encouraging and give a glimpse of what He is doing. Can you find them?

Read Exodus 14 

Now re-read verse 4, 13, 14, 18, 29, 30 & 31

What did you find?

God had moved, I had just seen God’s faithfulness at the most unexpected moment. I caught a glimpse of how much God cares and really works it all out, not just for my good, but His Glory. My good is always tied to His Glory. I saw a faithfulness in God I had never seen before. The endurance of my faith had grown, my ability to persevere had grown.


Are you in a trial right now?  


What trials have developed your trust in God? 


What trials has God used to develop your perseverance? 

What have you learned about God through your trials?


Truth Takeaway: Perseverance is not about human strength in our trials, but about growth in our understanding of who God is and His faithfulness to us. Trials develop the faith He has given us. Trials produce a trust in God, and an ability to wait on Him.